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State Farm’s Departure from Florida Impacts Sinkhole Insurance

How will State Farm’s departure from Florida creates pressure on Florida sinkhole insurance showdown?

Charlie Crist opened the door wide open for State Farm to leave the state of Florida, telling State Farm in response to their announcement, “Good riddance.” Governor Crist is not an especially easy politician to follow, having also commented that the proposed Obama healthcare plan was “cockamamie.” (Cockamamie: something ridiculous or implausible). While these words may provide an outlet for the State of Florida in its dealings with these larger, broader based issues, homeowners may be facing dramatic changes in their Florida sinkhole insurance coverage before this dispute with State Farm is over. (What is a sinkhole?)

I’m unsure exactly how many policies State Farm currently provides in Florida, but they are unquestionably the largest private insurer. I use the word “private” because Citizens Property Insurance Corporation may have more policies, but they are actually an extension of the State and people of Florida. Whereas other, private insurance companies are ultimately supported by the investments and value of the company itself, the people of the State of Florida own Citizens. And while Governor Crist is out lamenting “cockamamie” plans and telling large private insurers “good riddance,” there is no active solution being proposed to resolve the skyrocketing premiums and the instability in the insurance market.

Regardless of whether people in Florida like State Farm or not, the real question remains simple: If the market in Florida – a state facing perils greater than the average bear, like hurricanes and sinkhole damage – is so unstable that we cannot support a large company like State Farm that provides Florida homeowners with sinkhole insurance coverage, then what? Counties with the highest frequency of Florida sinkhole insurance claims – such as Hernando, Pasco, and Pinellas – are finding added pressure to remove their sinkhole coverage entirely. This is unwise and leaves the problem at the threshold of the Florida homeowner.

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The Tampa Sinkhole Damage Blog Has Been Born

The Tampa Sinkhole Damage Blog

I am very pleased to announce the launch of Sinkhole Damage Blog, a sinkhole law resource for residential and commercial property owners throughout the State of Florida. Located in Tampa, Florida, I am a knowledgeable resource when it comes to Tampa sinkholes. The presence of Tampa sinkhole activity serves as a leading cause of damage to property, and a significant source of disputes between homeowners and their insurance companies.

My experience with Tampa sinkholes

During the past several years in the Tampa Bay area, I received my start in sinkhole [link] law training alongside Ted Corless of Corless Zinober, who are considered to be the leading attorneys in Florida property insurance law. I had a unique opportunity to represent, through Corless Zinober, some of the largest and most complicated insurance companies in the United States. While at Corless Zinober, I represented insurance companies such as State Farm, Nationwide, Citizens, and many others, providing us with the “insider view” into how insurance companies defend these cases. By working with Corless Zinober, I observed the enormous resources insurance companies put behind these cases and gained helpful insight into how to resolve virtually all sinkhole damage claims.

How We’re Different

Unlike nearly all other plaintiff or property owner law firms in the primary counties with sinkhole problems such as Hernando, Pinellas, and Pasco, or in specific cities such as Ocala or Gainesville, we utilize practical perspectives on how sinkhole law is leveraged from both sides of the aisle.

Our Goal

We hope this sinkhole law website is an opportunity for us to share my perspective with homeowners and other professionals, as well as an opportunity to gather information from people on the street. From my experience working with insurance companies, I have a unique perspective and ability to insure your Tampa sinkhole claims get the attention they deserve. [link to landing page]