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When Not to Pay the Sinkhole Testing Cost

What to know about the sinkhole testing cost

If you’re concerned about sinkhole activity in or around your home, you may be considering getting some testing done. Maybe you’re not sure if your insurance will cover it, or even if it’s worth it. Let’s talk about the sinkhole testing cost and when you should or shouldn’t pay it.

How much does sinkhole testing cost?

In a  word: expensive. This number will vary depending on your own situation, but expect a dollar amount in the thousands. Suffice to say, it’s a steep price, and you may want to consider whether or not this testing is the right choice for your home, family, and pocketbook. However, if you feel strongly about getting your home tested for sinkholes, you should know your rights.

Shouldn’t insurance pay to test for sinkholes?

Theoretically, yes. If your home presents the sign of a sinkhole, your insurance company should be obligated to provide testing. However, some insurance companies blur this law and deny your claim based on the lack of structural damage from sinkhole loss. Therefore, you may not get the support you deserve if your home isn’t damaged enough, essentially.

This claim is, of course, absolutely absurd, and insurance companies have been known to lose this argument in court. While insurance companies will sometimes try almost anything to save a few bucks, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer if you do not feel your home insurance policy is being supported.

Forcing your insurance to pay for testing

Now, if your insurance company states that they will not be providing a sinkhole test because your house is not experiencing structural damage, you may be looking at hiring an engineer yourself and footing that several thousand dollar bill, or maybe just heading straight for an attorney.

However, you have one more option: ask. While your insurance company will likely not inform you of this, they must provide sinkhole testing if you request it. As soon as you flip the script and tell them it is your decision that your home is tested for sinkholes, they are obligated to provide you with this service.

If, at the end of the day, your insurance company provides you with a sinkhole test, discovers sinkhole activity, and still denies your claim, contact your attorney. Your insurance benefits should not be reserved just to a “sinkhole loss”, but sinkhole activity as a whole.