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Do You Have an Iceberg in Your Lawn?

Surface depressions may be the “tip of the iceberg”

Many homeowners have noticed small depressions in their yard while out mowing the grass or walking the dog and thought nothing of it, but there may be more. Surface depressions are actually relatively rare since sinkhole activity typically occurs at deeper levels. These seemingly small depressions may be a sign of something bigger lurking below.

Think of an iceberg and how the tip is the only visible portion above water. The tip of the iceberg is usually only a small fragment of what lies below the water (ask the Titanic). A surface depression in your yard may also only be a small cross-section of what is taking place below the surface.

Prudent homeowners should compare surface depressions with any damage to their home and cross-reference the locations with the severity of the damage. Damage to the house is the simplest indicator of a progressive problem that needs to be investigated.