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Realtor? Meet Sinkholes. Sinkhole? Meet Realtors.

We are very pleased with the enormous response we had recently to our efforts to reach out to realtors, real estate brokers, and others in the real estate field regarding our resources at Sinkholedamageblog.com. In the past week, we have been flooded with inquiries regarding the various issues realtors have to resolve in handling homes associated in any way with sinkhole activity. The legal issues between realtors, their buyers, and other sellers are very important and can create problems for all involved.

Currently, we are working on preparing a continuing education program for realtors, to assist them with these issues. We also intend on providing basic, fundamental training for realtors on sinkhole issues because real estate professionals often serve as a conduit for information. Our initial reaction to this idea has been overwhelming, as more than 2,500 realtors throughout Florida have made inquiries into sinkholedamageblog.com, in the past week. This tells us we are definitely onto something, and we intend on filling the need immediately.

If you are a realtor or are involved in the real estate profession in any way, we want to hear from you. We want to know what questions you are getting from your clients, your brokers, or if there is simply information you think we can provide to assist you in your work. We can provide you direct responses via email, and can also address the concerns you have in upcoming blog posts. We also want to hear about the areas in the State of Florida where these issues are coming up the most. We can provide you a Florida sinkhole map, which will likely provide you some sense of why this comes up in certain areas more than others, and we can provide you tips on how to handle sinkhole claims if your clients have these issues.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Florida Sinkhole Location Maps

How neighborhood sinkholes can affect you

Question: I am aware that at least one home in our neighborhood has had a confirmed sinkhole as the cause of structural damage. Is there a relationship between the presence of sinkhole activity nearby and the potential cause of the damage to my home?

The general opinion of most geologists and geotechnical engineers is that the presence of sinkhole activity in a nearby area is relevant in determining whether a sinkhole investigation may be necessary at a particular home.

How do you find old sinkholes?

Note, as a general rule, this is relevant. The more important issue for most professionals will be the specific investigation they conduct at the residence. In most cases, it is important for the professionals to have a comprehensive understanding as to the nature of the area in which a property is located.

Given the ease with which information can be shared on the web, most confirmed sinkholes will end up in a sinkhole public database and can be easily reviewed. But

However, keep in mind that these databases will be focused on the information collected in the past 5-7 years. Therefore, if a sinkhole appeared at any point beforehand, those sinkholes will not be included in the database.

Check for neighborhood sinkhole activity

If you are aware of a homeowner who has had sinkhole activity confirmed at their home, you should consider approaching them about it. Of course, some homeowners may be uncomfortable in sharing this information due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

Many times, you will hear engineers comment that they had been in a neighborhood previously, and may have found other homes with sinkhole activity in a neighborhood by simply looking at their own files. Therefore, while it’s suggested that you approach the subject delicately, this information could save your home.