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Many firms will say it. We actually do it. We love going to trial. For us, it’s a passion: meeting the challenge, handling the pressure, and raising the standard of success by working hard for our clients. A lot of Florida law firms will tell you they are unique. Corless Barfield Trial Group will show you. For us, it’s not about rhetoric, it’s about results.


Take your view of an average law firm … guys in suits thumbing through loads of paperwork at a long conference table with thick books on a nearby shelf. Now throw that image out and think Corless Barfield Trial Group.

From insurance disputes to personal injury cases and commercial litigation, our legal team works together for a common purpose: making a difference in the well-being and futures of our clients. Each of us brings a unique background to the table as we work together for a common purpose: our clients.


A unique part of our practice includes the representation of businesses and business owners of large commercial properties who are disputing claims with insurance companies. These disputes often relate to insurance contracts for liability coverage, property damage, or other casualty losses. If you are a business owner, a property owner of a commercial building or apartment complex, or on a board of directors of a condominium association, click here to learn more.


We don’t take every case, and we never will. Instead, we want to dedicate the time and passion our clients deserve and expect on every case we do take. Unlike some of those billboard-laden law firms, at Corless Barfield Trial Group, you’ll know experience when you see it.

We don’t just say we’ll fight for you; we do it – time and time again. We know trial experience is important to you, or at least it should be. And with hundreds of successful trial cases debated, our firm has the real-world experience to get involved for the long haul. We take cases to try them in front of a jury, not just see how fast we can negotiate a settlement and make a quick fee.

Our clients want to have their day in court, and they want results. Our clients want to see their case through to the end, not prematurely end so they’re left always wondering what could have been. We prepare for trial from day one, not one day before trial. We get prepared and stay prepared, treating every case as our most important case.


Our clients are not commodities. We treat each one with the care he or she deserves because we understand that while we might have multiple cases, our clients are counting on just one law firm. At Corless Barfield Trial Group, we make sure you won’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed. Whether this is your first time to look for an attorney or you’re simply looking for a fresh perspective, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable with each step and know where we’re going with your case at all times.


Among our current clientele, you’ll find big business owners and rising entrepreneurs along with the thoughtful family man or woman who has hard questions and seeks a solution. But, you’ll also find a unique regular client: other lawyers. You see, we’ve created quite a reputation within the profession, and when lawyers need help from someone with tried and true experience in front of a jury, they turn to Corless Barfield Trial Group.


We bring more experience than a big firm but offer the personal service of a smaller practice. Law firms might advertise how they’ll take your case to court, but what they don’t tell you is how many times they’ve actually argued one in a trial. Many promotions beg the question, but they won’t tell you the answer.

The fact is very few lawyers actually go before a jury anymore. But for us, TV dramas won’t do it, so we’re always ready for trial and look forward to the challenge. So, when it’s time to think differently about a law firm, think Corless Barfield Trial Group.

Here, you’ll find a casual but confident attorney with the real trial experience your case deserves to have behind it. You can trust the partnership we create with you will leave a lasting impression we’re proud to call success.

You can learn more about Ted A. Corless here.

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