July 14, 2017 by Morgan Barfield

Unfortunately for everyone except insurance companies, sinkhole claims have become harder and harder to win coverage for. This also means there have been less homes needing repair (or having the money to pay for repairs). This in turn has resulted in a large portion of the sinkhole remediation contractors in the state going out of business or turning their focus to other types of work. Generally, most of the contractors use similar materials that they get from many of the same places. So selecting a contractor is no different than any other business, customer service prevails. Make sure your contractor takes the time to explain the process to you, is responsive to your calls and listens to your concerns. A lot comes up during these repairs, some unexpected and sudden, so a responsive contractor is ever so important. Also, these days its even more important to check on the financial stability of the company. Ask how long they have been in business and verify any warranties or guaranties they offer.

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