I think we have posted enough about Tower Hill for everyone to glean that this company will any and every issue to the extreme. This is also a good time to note that I have received by and far away more angry posts directed towards Tower Hill than any other insurance company in Florida so I think many of you understand and comprehend what we as lawyers deal with when disputing a claim with Tower Hill. Just when we thought there wasn’t anywhere further Tower Hill could push the limits, they did. In a recent case where Tower Hill denied its clients sinkhole claim, we were hired to evaluate the denial. The evidence was clear that Tower Hill’s expert 1) missed the obvious location of the sinkhole activity and 2) was flat wrong in their opinion that sinkhole activity

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did not exist. Tower Hill completed its investigation and denied the claim and the insureds heard nothing more from them ever again. Tower Hill also never asked for anything more from the insureds. After our firm was hired, we retained another engineering firm. One very well respected in this State. That firm performed one additional test boring and confirmed all of our original suspicions that Tower Hill missed it. Tower Hill was sued and provided this new report. The reaction of most insurance companies in Florida and around this county for that matter would have been, oh crap, did we miss something? Was our denial wrong? This data is pretty damning against us. What can we do to make this right for our client? How we can we resolve this quickly and easily and let our client move on with getting their house fixed? After all they did pay for sinkhole coverage and if we missed it thats not their fault. Tower Hill is not most insurance companies.

Tower Hill instead took the most aggressive response it could. It claimed fraud against its own client. Fraud for not giving them this new report before they got sued. Fraud to the level that not only should the lawsuit be dismissed but the entire claim should be forever barred. And here’s the kicker. Tower Hill is even going after its own client for attorney fees because it got sued.

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