A new bill proposed in Tallahassee would just be the final nail in the coffin for homeowners that need help with sinkhole claims. The new bill, in summary, proposes that an insurance company can demand neutral evaluation (we have discussed this in detail before) at any time and if they just follow what the neutral evaluator says they will never have to pay attorney fees or costs to the homeowners. The problem that arises is insurance companies could purposefully or negligently ignore a case, do nothing, make the homeowner go through years of expensive litigation and then the day before trial, just request neutral evaluation and agree with whatever the evaluator says. Then the homeowner who has gone through years of litigation, whose lawyer has spent tens of thousands of dollars fighting for them, would be out of luck. If this doesn’t smell like some expensive lobbying from the insurance industry I don’t know what does. Homeowners have it hard enough with the way things are now anyways, this would just crush them and let the insurance companies run wild with no fear of recourse. Please contact your local senator and/or representative and demand they vote this bill down.

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