Everyone always discusses how many sinkholes are in west central Florida, and there are a bunch. But, as we have show over the years, sinkholes are everywhere. Here are a couple recent examples. First, a massive sinkhole opened up in Guangzhou China. Workers were building an underground tunnel system when they began to hear and feel the ground moving. Luckily everyone got out before the collapse swallowed several buildings. The sinkhole was estimated at ten meters deep and 100 meters wide. There is actually video of the buildings collapsing that is pretty neat if you follow the link below. Experts say one reason China appears to have so many sinkhole issues is due to the numerous underground shelters that have been built over the years.

Last week there was also a small two foot sinkhole that opened in Hollywood Florida. If you ask most sinkhole experts sinkholes don’t really exist in south Florida. There is an exception to every rule I suppose.

Another large sinkhole opened up in Volusia County as well last week taking down a fence and a large tree. The homeowner said he actually watched it happen. The hole is approximately thirty by fifty feet but not expected to get any larger or cause any more damage. The reports did not name the exact city where this occurred but Volusia encompasses the Daytona Beach area which is also not particularly well known for sinkhole occurrences. Sinkholes are a problem all over the state and just because you live an in area where they are not known to be common does not mean that you are experiencing sinkhole problems.

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