That is a tremendous question I really wish I knew the answer to. I can only answer with my personal opinions with a little bit of rumor sprinkled in. From what we have heard sinkholes will not be a hot topic in Tallahassee this year. It took a lot of the legislatures time last year when they had so many other things to worry about. It is also of course the big election year and the economy is the topic of the year. Because of this I do not think there will be many changes to the sinkhole laws at all. What changes are made are also not likely to be really one sided. Rumors have been that many of our the legislators that voted for Bill 408 last year were a bit angry with how it was being applied. Namely the Bill allowed carriers to jack up sinkhole premiums to all new highs. Citizens did this within months of the Bill passing and it made those that voted for the Bill look real bad to their constituents that saw their rates soar. Because of that I do not think the insurance lobbysts will have much influence this year. I think it will be a wait and see approach so they can evaluate how Bill 408 will work out. The sinkhole world might just sit out a year until the big election passes. We will likely see some cleaning up of some language and soon the big push will be stronger language forcing homeowners to repair their houses. I think last year was enough to keep us on our toes for now, at least I hope.

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