The effects of tropical storm Debby continue to linger and have caused a dramatic impact in the world of sinkholes. Dozens of sinkholes have opened up in the Hernando areas as a result of the constant bombardment of rain and water. The most damage has been seen in the Trillium community and around Mariner Boulevard. There are also reports of holes opening at the Brooksville airport but they have not caused any delay n travel. It appears in the grand scheme that residents have been pretty lucky to this point as very few of these collapses have impacted structures. Most of the collapses occurred in yards or roadways. This does not mean of course that we are out of danger. With this many collapses occurring there is virtually no doubt that many more are to come. Homeowners in Hernando County are of course advised to keep alert. These types of unique occurrences do not create sinkholes but merely activate them. This can be compared to the freezes in Plant City several years ago where the pumping of water from the aquifers caused numerous collapses. Again, in that situation, the underlying problems were already there, it took an aggravating event to bring them to the surface.

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