The best way to sum up Tower Hill’s attitude recently is with a case we have pending in Marion County. In this case, Tower Hill denied the claim for months while they investigated whether they could deny it for some reason even though sinkhole activity was found at the property. After months of litigation and countless depositions and mediations, finally Tower Hill realized they were wrong and agreed to pay for the cheapest repair plan presented. After even more litigation where the homeowners disputed the repair technique, Tower Hill demanded the parties attend a neutral evaluation and agreed to the evaluator that would come out. After the evaluator visited the property and had the property evaluated by other neutral structural engineering experts, the evaluator recommended repairs for the home that would actually cost more to do than the home was insured for, by nearly $50,000! Still, Tower Hill has refused to pay the homeowners their policy limits even though they dragged them along for years, were proven wrong twice, and admit the damages exceed the policy limits. Tower Hill has essentially told my clients they don’t care and will do anything to avoid writing a check. They are “all in” and the gamble could be a huge loss for them. They are holding a pair of twos while the homeowners have a full house. Still, Tower Hill insists on going to trial. Oh well. We are ready and in fact excited about this trial as Tower Hill needs to be taught a lesson, again.

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