Heavy rains in Ocala over the past week have taken their toll, not only in the water damage and flooding but the activation of sinkhole conditions. At least four sinkholes have opened up in the Ocala area causing some rather severe damage and losses. Three of the sinkholes formed at area schools with the most severe occurring at the bus loop of Ward Highlands Elementary School. The other two appeared at Vanguard High School and Howard Middle School. All of these have been roped off and the schools plan on remaining open for the time being. None of the holes appear to be affecting the buildings but will need to be repaired and this will be an expensive venture for an already financially limited school district.

The most jaw dropping event occurred at the home of Beth Antis who awoke to the sound of cracking around 5 a.m. on Monday. This was followed by the sounds of water flowing into the hole and then her Dodge Durango SUV! The family was immediately warned that the home was not safe to stay in as the hole abutted right up next to the house. The photographs are quite amazing as the SUV sits nose first in this huge hole that is only growing larger by the day. A crane was brought in to remove the car which may or may not be salvageable at this point. For now, the Antis family is both homeless and carless as it is too unsafe for them to even return to the home to collect their items for now. This story is pretty widespread on the internet but the link below includes video of this scary event.


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