Sorry for Brian Dyer and his family. Brian decided he wanted to build a pool for his kids. When excavation began to dig the pool they found trash, everywhere. They found washing machine tubs, electronics, tires and other household trash, all buried within four feet of the surface. He hired a sinkhole investigation firm, Geoview, to perform ground penetrating radar around the property. The results were even worse than expected. There appeared to be buried garbage as close as two feet below the surface down to twelve feet deep. If that wasn’t bad enough, the trash was found under the actual house too, in the living room. The home is only five years old and the builder claims to not have known but, Dyer is understandably skeptical that a home could be built on a lot with trash only two feet below the foundation. The prior owner claims she told the developer that this area had been used to dump trash and it had all been filled in during the 1970’s but the developer apparently ignored the comment and built anyways. Of course no one is able to reach the developer at this time and the builder swears they did nothing wrong so Mr. Dyer continues to deal with this issue alone. The junk is apparently not hazardous but is causing the home to settle and supposedly has begun to cause sinkhole activity around the property. Perhaps if sinkhole activity is discovered Mr. Dyer could get some relief from his insurance company, or perhaps they would just deny it.

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