Plant City Students finally able to return to Trapnell Elementary

In a story that developed about three months ago, Trapnell Elementary was closed due to unstable soil conditions believed to be sinkhole related. The Tampa Tribune is reporting that the students will return to their own campus April 19. Crews hired by the district pumped grout underground to fill the void.

The work recently passed inspection and the district decided to schedule the students’ return to the campus at 1605 W. Trapnell Road with the end of spring break.

While their campus was under repair, third, fourth and fifth graders were moved to Strawberry Crest High.

Trapnell’s students in Head Start, kindergarten and first and second grades moved to Bailey Elementary.

The city cleared up the situation and was cautious in moving the children out of the area while the work was being performed. We are thankful no one was injured.

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