Organizing sinkhole resources

Due to the sheer number of sinkhole claims filed in Florida, there are a lot of websites sponsored by geotechnical firms, geologists, sinkhole attorneys, and sinkhole repair companies, each attempting to get your attention on how to deal with these problems.

Sometimes the websites are designed to inform, persuade, or, honestly, confuse you about the issues, each for their own reason.  Our purpose is to provide you the most balanced sinkhole information available so that you can make informed decisions, whether you are attempting to determine whether to file a sinkhole claim, repair a sinkhole home, or determine whether to file a sinkhole lawsuit.  This may be too much information for some or too little for others, but we believe it suits most.

Define the sinkhole issue

The first thing you need to do in looking for a sinkhole lawyer or a consultant is to properly define your issue. What is the real issue, now, that must be resolved before I can move forward to solve the total problem?

For example, if you are unsure whether to file a sinkhole claim because of the damage at your property, it may be premature to be looking to consult with a sinkhole repair contractor.

Additionally, many of these professionals charge for different services on a percentage of your total repair costs, which should be considered as well.  A public adjuster may be helpful in negotiating a repair claim, but less helpful for a denied sinkhole claim, where a lawyer will be necessary if a lawsuit is filed.

Plan, educate, execute

My suggestion is to map out your plans carefully and to educate yourself.  Read your policy.  What does it say your rights are?  If you do not understand the terms, ask your insurance company about your sinkhole coverage and demand they put everything in writing to you.

If the answers do not make sense, it may be time to talk to a lawyer.  If you have questions about a repair method for sinkholes, it may be good to talk to an independent company who was not hired by the insurance company.  As we always tell people, we may not have the answer to your question, but I bet we know who can answer it.

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