September 25, 2009 by Morgan Barfield

Can weather changes worsen building damage?

Regardless of whether the origin of any settlement damage is sinkhole-related, the transitional months tend to bring on more and more damage to homes. Sinkhole activity – as well as other, shallow soil issues, such as organics and expansive clay – all react to changes in the water table.

Therefore, your answer is yes: if your home has damage, the shift from wet weather to dry weather can worsen said damage. This means that you need to remain aware of the status of your home and keep your eyes peeled for any threats.

What happens?

If you are experiencing sinkhole damage, the change from constant rain to extreme dryness can cause the water table to drop and increase the dissolution of the limestone. The dissolution of limestone can then cause more sinkholes to open, or cause already open sinkholes to grow.

Or, if you’re currently dealing with expansive clay or soil, a shift in how much rain the soil comes into contact with can cause the volume of the soil to change. When the soil under the foundation of your home changes, it can mean trouble by way of cracks and similar damage.

Prepare your home

Above all else, I always recommend you stay educated on the state of your home.  Take the time to review the overall condition of your home. Pick a particular date where you take an hour or two and inspect the condition of your home for any cracking. Sometimes, this is simply an indication of a need to paint your home or to take other steps to assure your home is waterproofed.

If you find your home needs more attention than this, the time to investigate the effect of this shift in weather on your home is now. You may even be able to stop a sinkhole from destroying your home if you take the appropriate precautions!

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