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Sinkholes and Adjacent Home Damage

My neighbor has a confirmed sinkhole, but there does not appear to be any damage to my home.  They are in the process of repairing the sinkhole, and I am interested in finding sinkhole information if the damage appears at my home.

The existence of and repair to an adjacent home for sinkhole damage is one of the more the dimensional issues when it comes to sinkhole claims. This is because there are two issues in this question, one of which relates to your own sinkhole insurance policy, and the other, which arise from your neighbor’s sinkhole insurance policy.

My Neighbor’s Sinkhole Can Pay for My Sinkhole Repairs?

If your neighbor has a confirmed sinkhole, and is in the process of repairing it, they can be held responsible for any damage to your house caused by the repairs.  While not common, a shallow lot line can present a threat to an adjacent property when repairs are being completed nearby.

This is because the depth of injection for repairs takes the grout deep enough that it can travel to adjacent properties, causing lift and impacting the overall geology of the area.  If this occurs as a result of the neighbor’s actions, there is legal authority to hold them and their insurance company liable.  This is referred to a third-party suit.

When Did the Sinkhole Damage Appear?

If, however, you are experiencing sinkhole activity of your own, clearly your neighbor is not responsible.

You would need to look at your own sinkhole insurance policy to determine whether you have coverage.  The pivotal issue would be to consider when the damage appeared at your house.  If the damage appeared at the time of the repairs to the adjacent home, you would probably need to consider them as the source of the damage.  But, if the damage at your home was there prior to the repairs, it is probably the same or similar damage beneath your home causing the issues.

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