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Why The Hell Does Your Drink Cost So MuchAll I need to be a competent and enthusiastic shopper is basic information about what a thing costs. Gasoline is wonderful in this regard, with the price down to the tenth of a penny advertised on signs visible at a quarter mile. We even get an involuntary peek at the prices along the supply chain, with newsreaders constantly telling us what a barrel of oil costs. Knowing a thing’s price is good, and having some inkling of where that number came from is even better. I realize there’s a ton of noise between oil well and gas pump, but it’s still comforting to have so much information. It’s almost enough to make me buy a car just to drive around looking for discount peanuts.On the other hand, it’s probably best that I don’t drive, as I do most of my shopping in bars. This is fantastic but also frustrating, because booze price transparency varies widely from drink to drink. Some of it is fairly intuitive; most patrons have an idea what they’re paying for when they order a bottle of Bud but it gets much trickier from there. Last week I paid $13 for a drink with brand name rye and bitters, a couple other things that were probably also bitters, and something called Byrrh. It was a good drink, but was it a good deal? That probably depends on the price of Byrrh, as well as on what the hell Byrrh is.The first thing that jumped out at me is that bars don’t get as much of a volume discount as you might expect. And that’s about the last caveat I care to issue before we get down to the math. These numbers are drawn from a medium sized neighborhood bar in Boston.A case of Budweiser costs the bar $20.55, or 85 cents per bottle. (At the closest liquor store, it’s $24.99.) The bar sells those bottles for $3.75 apiece, which makes their cost 23 percent of the customer’s price. The standard industry goal is to keep liquor cost at around 20 percent, which makes a Bud bottle a relatively good deal for the drinker. This is fine by the bar, because a bottle of beer is the easiest thing to serve. It comes in its own container and requires no mixers or garnishes, and it takes the bartender five seconds to complete the transaction. You can also only mark up a bottle of beer so much, because we can all do the math in our heads. We know what a bottle of Bud costs retail, and we correctly assume that it’s at least somewhat cheaper wholesale. So the bar settles for a modest 341 percent markup (yup, this is low).Draft beer creates an extra layer of fog, because the liquor store doesn’t sell pints. The bar pays $93 for a 15.5 gallon keg of Bud (plus a refundable deposit, which I’m stripping out of all keg prices). That keg theoretically holds 124 16 ounce servings, although some could be lost to foam run off when the keg is first tapped and what not. Way too many dastardly bars try to recoup this loss, and then some, by screwing you with 15 or even 14 ounce “pints.” That’s pure bullshit and you should avoid those bars, especially after you light them on fire. Foam takes up about four times more of a glass’s volume than straight beer anyway, so a properly poured one finger Bud head reduces your 16 ounces down to 15ish, which means a tightly run ship can squeeze damn near the full 124 servings out of a keg without ripping anyone off.At 124 pints per $93 keg, the bar is paying $.75 for the pint it sells for the same $3.75 it gets for a Bud bottle (it’s common practice for a 16 ounce draft beer to cost the same as a 12 ounce bottle; bottles are for suckers for people drinking in dirty bars where the tap lines and pint glasses can’t be trusted). So the markup on a Bud draft is 400 percent, giving the bar the magic 20 percent liquor wholesale nhl jerseys china cost. Draft beer takes a little bit more work from the bartender and it requires glasses, which are breakable and need to be washed. And, in theory anyway, you sell less Bud to a pint drinker than to a bottle man, as the former gets his hypothetical fill of 48 ounces in three transactions to the latter’s four. From the bar’s point of view, these minor draft hassles on their end combine with the added novelty value to the customer to justify the slightly higher vig.If you don’t drink beer, well, then I don’t know what to tell you, as far as your humanity goes. But I can tell you a couple things as far as your budgeting goes. Low end house wine is simple. The bar tries to get one glass to pay for the bottle, for a relatively low 300 percent markup (25 percent product cost). They make up for that with more expensive bottles, where pricing policies get a bit wonky, but where the high raw numbers make the percentage less important: If you charge a measly 50 percent markup on a bottle of wine that cost your bar $100, you just made $50 for twisting a corkscrew.But most people don’t drink shots of vodka. All the other crap that goes into a standard mixed drink soda, ice, straws, lime wedges is cheap for the bar but free to the consumer. Five gallons of Coca Cola syrup costs about $80. The syrup is reconstituted into soda at a ratio of 5 parts water to 1 part goo; if you start with a 10 ounce glass, that leaves 4 ounces of soda after the liquor and ice are added, which is about 8 cents of Coke per mixed drink. If you figure another nickel for other accoutrement, you’re up to $1.35 worth of ingredients for a $6.75 Stoli and Coke, for a 400 percent markup (20 percent product cost).The worst deal for the consumer is bottom shelf liquor. The bar can get a liter of generic vodka for $7; now they’re down to cheap nfl jerseys 31 cents worth of booze per drink as opposed to the $1.22 they shell out for Stoli. Throw in the 13 cents worth of soda and nonsense and it’s 44 cents for a drink they sell for $5.75. That’s a markup of 1,206 percent, with the cost to the bar only 7.6 percent of the customer’s price. The bar actually makes a slightly lower net profit per drink that way (they pay 91 cents less for ingredients that they sell for a dollar less), but it’s still a great deal for the house because the opportunity cost is so much lower on a bottle of cheap vodka they have less money tied up in unsold inventory and lower exposure to loss, theft, and breakage.Which brings us back to my $13 cocktail of Rittenhouse, bitters, bitters (?), bitters (?), and Byrrh (which turns out to be a French wine based aperitif). This is where drink pricing gets harder to calculate, because the ingredients are so plentiful and esoteric and also because a reasonable customer understands he is paying for expertise and innovation. You can open your own bottle of Bud but are you willing or able to develop this drink recipe, source or make the bitters, and stock the six different shapes of ice these joints rely on to put together cheap jerseys a full menu of things they can sell for $13 a pop?Bars don’t make nearly as much money as these drink price breakdowns may imply, because we haven’t accounted for tons of other costs of doing business, such as lease conditions, payroll, equipment maintenance, employee theft, and general operating expenses. Plus the bar owner is often plagued by less savory sorts of overhead cocaine, gambling, and back child support, say. These are significant factors, but none of them is the customer’s concern. You can’t go raising beer prices every time you wholesale jerseys suffer a particularly brutal garbage time field goal; in that situation it’s your responsibility as owner of a public accommodation to do what everyone else does and trade your JetSki to the bookie at 20 cents on the dollar. Leave my bar tab out of this, pal.That said, the customer ultimately pays for fraud, waste, and inefficiency in every other business, too. I know that part of my peanut costs come from Planters forklift drivers reading the Jamboroo on the clock. No business operates at peak efficiency, and the buck always gets passed. No one should come away from this thinking that bars are ripping them off any more than any other business is; the point here is just to help you make as informed a purchase as possible. No go forth and get thriftily shitfaced.Articles Connexes:

5 Helpful Answers To Cheap Michael Kors Outlet Society’s Most Uncomfortable QuestionsHow many of you are old enough to remember “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” that shit awful Billy Joel song in which he unconvincingly insists over and over that he didn’t cause the apocalypse?Well, what I am finding as time goes on is that we are all secretly Billy Joel. Write an article on the Internet about racism or sexism, and there’s always this annoyed backlash. “I did not cause slavery! I’m a white guy who works Fake Michael Kors Handbags for minimum wage at Comcast, running the Random Call Disconnection machine! Would you please just move on so we can finally talk about something else?”Then, every reply to that guy seems to come down to, “No, you really don’t get it! Slavery and Jim Crow weren’t just bad, they were really, really bad!” And then he rolls his eyes because, well, who doesn’t know that? “But I still didn’t start that fire. Don’t make me flip this table!”Personally, I think everyone’s understanding of these problems is completely backward. And I think that’s why people feel like they’re never getting satisfying answers to questions like .5. “Why Do People Shit On Me Just Because I’m (White/Male/Straight/Etc.)?”I’m going to tell you the weirdest and, yet, most obviously true thing you’ve ever heard:This is going to sound like some real Rust Cohle shit, but bear with me because deep down you cheap michael kors handbags already know all of this.For instance, you Michael Kors handbags outlet already know that you are, to a certain degree, a product of your genes they go a long way toward determining if you would be physically imposing or weak, smart or stupid, calm or anxious, energetic or lazy, and fat or thin. What your genes left undecided, your upbringing mostly took care of how you were raised determined your values, your attitudes, and your religious beliefs. And what your genes and upbringing left undecided, your environment rounded into shape what culture you were raised in, where you went to school, and who you were friends with growing up. If you had been born and raised in Saudi Arabia, you would be a different person today. If the Nazis had won World War II, you would be a different person, still.God knows we would be different.So, even when personal choices finally come into play, you’re still choosing within that framework you can choose between becoming a poet or a software engineer, but only because you were raised michael kors handbags in a world in which other people had already invented both poetry and computers. That means every single little part of your life every action, every choice, every thought, every emotion, every plan for the future, everything that you are and do and can potentially be is the result of things other people did in the past.These mostly dead people shaped every little molecule of you and the world you inhabit. You are the product of what they did, just as they were the product of those who came before them. You are, therefore, not a person any more than a leaf is a michael kors handbags tree.This is not abstract philosophy, this is not something you can choose to believe or not believe this is a statement of physical fact. Refusing to acknowledge it will only leave you endlessly confused and frustrated. For instance, when you show up at a job interview, or a trial, or the set of a porno, that whole context will walk in the door with you. Everyone in that room will be making certain assumptions about you and will hold certain expectations, based on the greater whole of which you are a part.That means you can’t think of your life as a story. You have to think of it as one sentence in a much longer story . a sentence that doesn’t make any sense out of context. But, understand the context, and you will understand your life.Very few people are really able to do this I sure as hell can’t which is why we get frustrated and say things like .4. “Why Is Everything Always Getting Worse?”Let’s talk about that “story” for a moment, the one we’re all a part of. Here’s the first thing you need to know about it:If you don’t believe me, let me show it to you on a simple line graph:McEvedy and Jones, Penguin Reference BooksThat’s a world population graph dating back over the last 2,000 years. Just look at it! Around 200 years ago, a freaking switch got flipped, and shit exploded. There is no comparing humanity over the last couple of centuries with anything that came before. It’s like if you were driving home one day and saw that while you were gone, your goldfish had grown large enough to flatten the entire neighborhood.But make no mistake: What you’re seeing on the graph is humanity winning. Winning so hard that we’re not even sure how to handle it. That up there is what every single species only wishes it could do. That kind of success requires utter mastery of the environment, food, health, and predators humanity just absolutely dunking over all we survey.Focus On Sport/Focus on Sport/Getty ImagesEat shit, invertebrates.You and I were born right in the Michael Kors handbags outlet middle of this unprecedented and unfathomable winning streak, during a series of changes that are whipping by at light speed, rendering what we think of cheap Michael Kors handbags as a “normal human life” utterly unrecognizable to someone living just 200 years ago. And change is terrifying. Lots of the old rules have gone out the window they were written for a different time, with different problems in mind. Lots of the timeless advice you hear was spoken by people who never anticipated the world you’re living in. If you find all of the shit grown ups say to you to be contradictory and confusing, that would be why.For instance, this is why you will endlessly hear people confusingly talk about how great things used to be, about how men used to be “real” men, how food used to be “real” food, and how people used to make honest paychecks doing “real” work. This is, of course, objectively Michael Kors outlet wrong they’re referring to a time when cheap Michael Kors handbags humans didn’t live as long, didn’t have as much, and lived lives with fewer options.Articles Connexes:

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