Category: Sinkhole News for Realtors

July 14, 2017 by Ted Corless

Attorney Ted Corless is on the scene investigating the latest large sinkhole incident in the State of Florida. A large sinkhole opened on the morning of July 14 and it has already swallowed two homes. Authorities are scrambling to keep people safe from the massive, fast-growing sinkhole. Corless learned repairs were done on the sinkhole…

November 25, 2014 by Morgan Barfield

The issue often becomes not necessarily what their interpretation of the data is, but instead whether they have conducted sufficient testing before rendering an opinion. If they produce the test results, you can always have the data itself evaluated. Frankly, most insurance companies will get popped if they later discover that the engineering firm cut corners on the manner in which the loss was investigated.

May 1, 2014 by Morgan Barfield

During the 2005 legislative session, A wide variety of new statutes for Florida sinkholes were adopted. Before you think this change was to protect homebuyers, it was not. Instead, it was designed to mark homes with sinkhole damage, so that no future insurance company would insure it unless the proper repairs could be documented.

October 7, 2011 by Morgan Barfield

Sorry for Brian Dyer and his family. Brian decided he wanted to build a pool for his kids. When excavation began to dig the pool they found trash, everywhere. They found washing machine tubs, electronics, tires and other household trash, all buried within four feet of the surface. He hired a sinkhole investigation firm, Geoview,…