Water is a sinkhole’s best friend. The underground voids and cavities associated with sinkholes form through the action of acidic water on the limestone. Limestone is a calcareous material that dissolves. The formation of the voids does not happen overnight.

Once the voids form, the soils above have to move downward, which causes that raveling process discussed in earlier blogs. Soils move down in two ways 1) gravity and 2) water. Gravity will always a play a role but not to the degree that water will. When water enters the ground surface it wants to go find the nearest aquifer and heads down. As it goes it takes the sand it passes through with it. It can also add pressure to clays in some ways as well.

The result is that we see more of an active sinkhole season. We have had no shortage of rain so far and it is not expected to slow any time soon. If you incur damage from a sinkhole, Corless Barfield can help you find out what you can do to repair your property.

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