I say no usually. Of course every situation has to be looked at uniquely but I frequently deter people away from this option. To make sure we understand what it is we are talking about, the current law requires a structural evaluation to determine whether structural damage is present at your home first. If they do not find what they believe to be structural damage then they can deny your claim without ever testing for sinkhole activity at all. The statute does say that the homeowner has the option of requesting that the testing for sinkhole activity be performed but, will have to pay out of pocket $2,500 of the cost. Unless you are just simply curious and have money to throw away, why would you do this? Remember, your claim was already denied. Even if they find sinkhole problems below the ground they have still already determined that the damage is not sever enough to qualify for coverage. Plus remember that they are just going to send out the same engineers that already said you don’t have any damage to be concerned about. Haven’t they already told you they don’t think you have an issue to be worried about? So why would we think they would lean in favor of the homeowner in any way no matter what they find below the ground. Remember that sinkhole activity is a matter of opinion after all. The likely result is you waste $2,500 for them to gave you a biased opinion that you don’t have sinkhole issues or if they do in fact find sinkhole activity, what good did that do you because your claim is still denied. If you don’t want a sinkhole or don’t want to fight the insurance company, walk away. Don’t waste your money. If you think you have a real issue and want to challenge their denial of your claim, then hire a lawyer. A lawyer can help from the cost of the testing and have the testing performed by an engineer not working for the insurance company. The value a lawyer has by simply having the financial resources and knowing the right people is often equal to their legal skills in a courtroom can be.

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