November 16, 2015 by Morgan Barfield

Q: My home has just been grouted for the second time. 8 years ago we had a major sinkhole 73 trucks of concrete. 8 years later the engineers were NOT able to find any traces of concrete under my home. How do you lose 650 cubic yards of concrete?

This is a great question that I can not answer completely as it is relatively technical even for the experts plus I don’t think there is a sure fire answer to the question. I can tell you that I have heard numerous explanations over the years including the ground water can wash away the grout or dissolve it or that it filtered into voids or caverns around the property or even into a nearby lake. I have also heard insurance oriented experts explain that you will rarely find grout if you drill again because the grout is usually meant to be angled under the foundation of the home. When you drill additional borings, they are not angled but straight down around the house, not under it. Finally, I have heard that the job was just not done right the first time around meaning that the grout wasn’t angled or pressurized properly or that they simply didn’t calculate the grout quantity correctly. I do not think there is a real solid explanation if it happens and it surely depends on the individual geology of the area but, it does happen relatively frequently and we represent several insureds with similar issues. At least your insurance company is doing the right thing by repairing again.

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