I live in Tampa and found evidence of a sinkhole

I had it repaired in 2010

While the company seemed to do a conscientious job, the owner informed me that he could not lift the sagging kitchen floor without much damage

Repairing that floor wih cement has not restored the correct level

My insurance co -Homewise- went bankrupt

What to do?

Let me first address the Homewise part of your question

As we know, Homewise is in receivership and at this point the State, or Florida Insurance Guaranty Association, has taken over control of Homewise claims

This is somewhat good news for Homewise insureds as now they at least have an ear to listen and someone with the ability to help

I would first suggest that you contact FIGA and advise them of your claim and ask who the representative from FIGA is that you should contact

Let FIGA know the problems your having and they should have some suggestions on how to help

Second, your contractor is correct in that it is a difficult and delicate task to re-level interior foundations without causing additional damage

That is why such repairs are only utilized in the most extreme scenarios

To do so requires interior underpinining or commonly used helical piers

These are messy and can be destructive but if done by a professional with significant experience and more importantly, a qualified engineer who can monitor and oversee the project, it can be accomplished

Your problem now is finding someone to pay for the repairs as they are very costly

I would start with FIGA and see if you receive any assistance there

It will likely require an updated inspection from a knowledgable structural engineer

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