My home was grouted and I was left with a mess. What’s next?

Grouting is admittedly a very messy procedure and you will notice changes in several areas.

First, it is not abnormal for your landscape to be harmed or even ruined during the grouting process. They are bringing in large trucks of concrete and drilling holes in your yard after all. You will likely also notice some new damage to the house itself. Even though movement of the foundation is not an intended consequence of grouting, it often happens to some degree. Even though it is frustrating, you must be patient and allow the grout sixty to ninety days to cure, just like you would with pouring a driveway.

The grout has potential to expand during the curing phase. After the grout has cured, it is your insurance company’s responsibility to come back out to your property and re-scope or re-evaluate the damage to your home and landscape. If there is additional damage, or if the original damage worsened during the grouting process, they should issue you payment for those expenses. Insurance companies are known to conveniently forget about this step of the claim but, don”?t let them forget to come back out before they close your claim.

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