I must apologize for not getting this story out faster but as you will see from a prior post, I was busy in trial. This story is simply amazing and possibly the luckiest one I have ever heard. The 100 foot sinkhole opened up Sunday but thankfully provided warning this time. People first noticed issues as they could hear cracking sounds and windows started blowing out. Then suddenly the ground started moving. The resort is Summer Bay and not necessarily a Disney resort but has been reported by many as such. The guests had about 10 minutes to escape and amazingly no one was injured. There were a total of about 4,500 guests on site at the time. One guest described hearing what sounded like a fight with aluminum bats that were knocking out windows and then she watched the building she was staying in come down like a vortex and fall 50 feet in the earth. One of the buildings essentially broke in half and a cell phone video captured some of the scary moments. Geologists who looked at the scene said it appeared to be your typical Florida sinkhole. Kind of scary to this this is typical. My partner, Ted Corless, was on Fox National News this week speaking about the effects of sinkholes in Florida and the lack of proper insurance. I think it goes without saying this is an amazing story and even more terrifying than what happened in Seffner when you think that this could have taken the lives of hundreds of people including many small children and families.

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