We have noticed a growing trend in the past year or so that many insurance companies are hiring different law firms left and right to handle their sinkhole work. It used to be that when an insurance company found a law firm they liked and thought did good legal work they would stick with them for years and trust their advice, and listen to their advice. I don’t know why lately it seems that many insurance companies will hire multiple law firms for one case, sometimes changing law firms three times during one case or hiring two law firms to team up against us on the same case. I can only speculate because I do not have any insight as to why this is happening. Strictly my guess is some of these insurance companies want a law firm that will be overly aggressive on their behalf and a law firm that will agree with their recommendations. If that is the case, things are completely backwards now. It is supposed to be that the client listens to its lawyers advice but it seems the trend now is the lawyer is listening to its clients advice and if the lawyer doesn’t agree with the insurance companies approach, they get fired and the insurance company finds a lawyer who will go along. Again, I am only putting my opinions out there and don’t know this to be true but appearances go a long way and this is truly disturbing if this is the trend. It would explain why some lawyers have taken positions on behalf of insurance companies that legally doesn’t make sense.

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