As a firm and individuals we try to get as involved with the community as we can. Ted Corless serves on several boards, one of them involves a facility for wounded soldiers. One of the things that we have not heard before that the facility was mentioning these soldiers coming home from war could really use is nice clothes and suits for job interviews. It was a request we hadn’t really heard before but when you think about it, most soldiers enter the army at a young age and so many of them never held office jobs in the past. Now when they return they need to go out into the marketplace and find domestic jobs but often times return home with little money and no nice suits to interview in. We figured, as lawyers, this is right down our alley. We have bought the domain rights and are hope to have the page set up before Christmas. In the meantime we will be asking every lawyer we know, and even the public if they desire, to donate some suits to the cause. Almost ever lawyer I know has a suit they don’t wear anymore, or in some cases can”t fit into anymore. These would be perfect for a soldier going out to find a new job back here at home. We are also asking several local tailors to donate their services for tailoring if need be and will be working with some local clothing stores to donate some new suits as well. Look for more on this in the future but we are proud and always happy to get out and help if we can.

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