It was a bittersweet week for the Corless Barfield Trial Group. The firm had two trials going simultaneously this week. We won one, and lost one. We won a denied water loss claim in Pinellas County and lost a confirmed sinkhole trial in Hernando County. In actuality, nothing the firm did not expect came out of either trial. We heard all the arguments and saw all the evidence that was anticipated and felt like we had all the counters. One went our way and one didn’t. You will never win every trial and you will never know why juries go the way they do. That’s the risky, yet fun, part about trial. You could have a 99% chance of winning a trial but if you get the wrong jury and end up in that 1%, there is little you can do. On to the next one. The good news is our client who suffered the loss will still be getting her home repaired and will get her insurance benefits. Our client on the water loss claim was extremely happy with the result and without saying too much, I think cried a little. I will leave with this, win, lose or draw, there aren’t too many law firms out there that even handle trying two cases at the same time so we are certainly proud of our ability to do that.

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