We are close to finalizing a new web feature that we think is frankly pretty cool. We are partnering with a web site called Law TV. Law TV is a nationwide swrvice that takes an attorney who specializes in a specific field of law from each city and has them answer questions about that area of law on the web site. Corless Barfield was selected as the firm in the Tampa Bay area to answer questions regarding sinkhole claims. The most progressive and unique feature is that the questions are answered via video links. In other words, the web has a

Ink for each of the 100 most commonly asked questions about sinkholes. If you are interested in a particular question, you click on that link and it will bring up a short video response to the question from Ted Corless or Morgan Barfield. Ae are also taking the videos and will soon be adding them to our webpage as well. We really haven’t seen any other firms with this type of feature. We have made it our goal with this blog to try to provide information to the public without sounding like a sales pitch. These videos follow that same mentality and should be a great way for people to get information quickly and easily.

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