We mentioned a while back that Morgan Barfield and the Barfield Law Group, who writes this blog, was in the process of merging the firm with Ted Corless, one of the most prominent and experienced sinkhole lawyers in the State. Mr. Corless has been handling sinkhole claims since 1998 and we are pretty sure he has tried more sinkhole cases than anyone other attorney in the country. We are pleased to say that everything went smoothly and the two firms have officially joined. This blog site will only change slightly as we expect Ted Corless will begin entering some posts of his own but otherwise, we will continue to try to update homeowners on changes to the law and answer as many questions as we can about anything sinkhole related. The new firm name is Corless Barfield and the firm has moved offices but only down the street. The new address is 4350 W. Cypress, Tampa, Fl 33607. Our new number is (813) 258-4998 and for anyone wishing to contact me directly via email, I can be reached now at mbarfield@corlessbarfield.com. In the midst of the merger we are also proud to announce we have hired a third attorney. Mary Catherine Lamoureux is a Yale graduate and brings over 20 years of litigation experience to the firm, including extensive experience with sinkhole claims specifically. These are exciting times and with the new laws and new attitudes of insurance companies, we need to be prepared for more long arduous battles as well as more cases going to trial than in years past. We feel that with our resources now we are now one of the best equipped firms in the State to do just that.

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