Q: I just found out 4 weeks ago that I have sink hole activity.My insurance comapny has not denied the claim however they want to grout my home and I do not agree with this kind of repair on my $700,000 home. I have no MTG. They currently want to give me $200,000 for both cosmetics and subsurface.  I want pinning which costs alot more.  In your experience what tends to happen in this case?  Who usually wins the insurance co or homeowner?

We deal with these issues all the time. Insurance companies will fight underpinning tooth and nail if their selected engineer disagrees with it. These issue has really only been tried a couple times in Florida and unfortunately the insurance company has won the issue more than it has lost. Whether underpinning is necessary is a house by house analysis but there are general disagreements amongst engineers about using it. Some think pins should only be used in the most extreme situations, when the com er et nedlastbart beste online casino , noe som ofte gir langt bedre grafikk og en tydeligere spillopplevelse. home is near collapse. Others believe that underpinning can be a useful technique in every case as it will provide added long-term stability for the house. We call this restorative verse preventative underpinning. The insurance companies will typically agree that the pins may help long term but then argue that they only have to pay for what is necessary now. The problem is, the insurance company wont be there tomorrow so you;re on your own. We can certainly help by taking a look at the report and having it reviewed by an engineer if you would like to contact us. Thanks.

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