A large sinkhole opened up in Tarpon Springs off Disston Avenue on June 16th and seems to keep causing problems. The sinkhole first appeared at the residence of Nathaniel and Virginia Crawford. The Crawfords had lived in their home for over 50 years when they noticed cracks in the walls. The cracks were being investigated when a sinkhole opened up during the testing process. A second sinkhole opened in the backyard not too long after the first, this time swallowing the Crawfords shed. Luckily none of the engineers on site working were injured by either hole opening up. The Crawfords have been told it is unlikely they will be able to return to their home any time soon.

The city retained Tierra Engineering to examine the problem areas. The street was filled with 25 trucks of sand and they are expected to inject grout soon but, there is no indication as to when the roadway may be reopened. ?The newer concern is now what to do with a neighboring park, Dorsett Park. The park is a block away from the open sinkhole and has shown signs of concern over the past week. Cracks have started to form in the tennis courts, small depressions have formed and residents have even claimed they could feel the ground move below them while in the park. Police have been patrolling the park trying to keep citizens out of the area until they can come up with a solution. Testing is being done at the park now which has already discovered several areas of concern that will need to be addressed. The repairs in total are expected to reach $35,000 for the city. We do not know what it will cost to repair the Crawfords home, if it is possible.

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