March 21, 2011 by Morgan Barfield

We have stressed on several occasions that Floridians shouldn’t feel sorry for themselves because they have sinkhole issues. There are so many other states with similar issues and less help, experience and education to support them. Granted Florida does probably have the greatest potential for sinkhole activity due to our geology but other areas of the country may actually experience larger scale problems. At least in Florida we have a slew of geologists and engineers experienced in these issues and how to repair them but, it makes you wonder who they turn to for help. At least FOR NOW we have insurance in Florida to assist home, and business, owners. As of now, we believe Tennessee to be the only other state in the country with mandatory sinkhole coverage. I have read recently that some states such as Alabama, Texas, Missouri and Michigan have at least considered adding mandatory sinkhole coverage to their statutes but, as of now nothing is concrete. So here are some articles from other areas outlining their issues with sinkhole activity.

if this was truly a natural occurrence as sinkholes are after they found dry pipes but wet mud below the road surface. This may indicate some other issue with busted pipes or leaking that cause an erosion of the soils beneath the road. It’s always interesting to see though that they use similar repair techniques.

Georgia recently experienced a similar issue with a 24 foot sinkhole shutting down Highway 16. This was the second time this hole had been in-filled and it re-opended. There doesn’t appear to be a real concrete explanation for this event.

Similar problems have also been seen in Washington and Wisconsin. Again, you will notice the issues develop under roadways and often involve some piping issue compared to true sinkhole activity. It is interesting to see how the media covers these problems as being sinkholes when in reality they most likely wouldn’t meet the definition of a sinkhole.

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