February 2, 2011 by Morgan Barfield

Q: Great blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can’t seem to find an amendment or anything in the original proposal that would indicate the proposed bill being retroactive. Could you please point in right direction?

A: Thanks for the inquiry, the Bill is numbered 408 and the original version can be found online but the more recent proposed version is not yet public as it has not been voted on by the subcommittee. We are obtaining our information through lobbyists and other people working hard in Tallahassee on our behalf behind the scenes. This is why we try to make these issues public as the insurance lobbyists try to quietly get it pushed through. The latest word is that the new proposed Bill 408 will be back up for debate in the subcommittee beginning February 7th and will be voted on soon after. We encourage anyone who is opposed to these new changes to either contact your local senator or representative and don’t forget that the subcommittee wants to hear from homeowners so don’t rule out taking a trip to Tallahassee to testify yourself. You may be surprised at the positive influence one homeowner may have. All we can do is keep fighting right now. Obviously the retroactive nature of Bill 408 is the most concerning portion. even if this portion does pass, we will certainly be locked up in litigation for some time after debating the constitutionality of the Bill. Even if the House and Senate are blind enough to let it through, we won’t quit fighting.

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