Bill 408 is momentarily at a stand still and it appears it will be re-addressed in several weeks. In the meantime, we want to take some time point out the devil and angel sitting on the shoulders of Tallahassee. Senator Garrett Richter has been the clear fuel to the insurance companies fire and has been very vocal in his comments concerning the insurance industry. He has been the driving force behind this new Bill 408 and in pushing the argument that Florida insurance companies must be protected or they will go under. As a side note we urge you as consumers to do your own research and see for yourself how much money insurers in Florida made last year. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we want to commend Senator Anthony Fasano for his role in battling the insurance companies. Senator Fasano has been the voice of reason in a room of people only concerned with the bottom line. He sees the numerous flaws in this bill and has been vocal in admonishing Senator Richter and his cronies for their attempts to strip insurance coverage from Floridians and simultaneously raise their premiums. This is why many up on the hill and in the sinkhole community have dubbed Bill 408 the insurance bailout plan. As a final note, do notice that Senator Fasano is from New Port Richey where he is on the front line of the daily battles homeowners face with sinkhole activity. Senator Richter is from Naples where sinkholes are rare, and we assume his experience with them is as well. His background is also in the banking industry where typically the bottom line is more important than the human being. Read the full story on WCTV by visiting the link below and be encouraged to contact either Senator to express how you think they are doing.

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