We recently discussed some of the highlights (aka lowlights) of proposed Bill 408

Well, believe it or not, the bill is getting worse! Much worse! The newly drafted legislation now wants to state that for a homeowner to be afforded sinkhole coverage they must prove that their home is “in danger of imminent collapse”

Basically the only sinkhole claims that will be paid out anymore in Florida are ones in which the home is borderline uninhabitable and in the beginning stages of collapsing

The even worse part of the new language is that the insurance companies somehow talked Florida legislatures into making this requirement RETROACTIVE

This means that if this bill passes, all current and future sinkhole claims will have to meet this standard

We obviously feel this is unconstitutional and should never be allowed to fly

The bill still has a long way to go before truly taking effect but it is never a good sign when the original proposals get worse before they even get to the House

The proposed Bill would be effective sometime around July if adopted

We strongly encourage anyone and everyone that has been effected by sinkhole damage in the past or is currently struggling through a claim to call your local representative and let them know

This may be our last chance

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