January 17, 2011 by Morgan Barfield

Seems like every year around this time we are discussing an influx of large cover collapse sinkholes appearing around the State. Several have appeared just recently that may, or may not, be the continuation of this trend. The first is in the Venus area and is approximately 140 feet wide. The hole opened up literally as property owner Luis Hernandez was standing there. Mr. Hernandez explains that he felt the ground rumble and within minutes a sinkhole approximately 100 feet wide had appeared. The hole has continued to widen and has now taken on water to where it now sits about 10 feet deep. The question now is was watering at nearby groves to blame? The second large cover collapse occurred in Plant City (surprise, surprise). The hole was an estimated 40 feet wide and 10 feet deep and sits next to Patty Baldwin’s house. Baldwin stated that their property sits right in the middle of several strawberry fields and there have been some freezing temperatures this winter but, it is impossible to tell if this particular sinkhole is related to the pumping or not. Everyone knows about the 150 plus sinkholes that opened up in Plant City last year and a similar count existed the year before that. So far, this year has been somewhat quieter due to the warmer temperatures but you never know what weather may lie around the corner.

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