The good news is politicians always do exactly what they promised to do before they were elected Yeah right It is always difficult to predict legislation and in particular, politicians We do know that over the past ten and especially over the past five years the sinkhole laws have been a moving target Unfortunately, we can’t pinpoint one single law that has been ratified in the past ten years that has really been favorable for homeowners As for this legislative session, we do expect that the high priced lobbyists from the insurance companies will try to push for a definition of “structural damage” We have discussed this hot topic in previous posts Essentially, two particular insurance companies, USAA and Homewise, have decided that they can deny any and every sinkhole claim unless the home exhibits “structural damage” The carriers point to a definition in Florida Statutes that most people believe was not intended to serve the purpose these insurance companies are not trying to use it for As of now, there is no definition of “structural damage” in the Florida Statutes which creates an ambiguous dispute that even the experts can’t agree on The point is, this is just another way to try to deny we can recover file recovery from all brands and types of hard drives with any operating system. claims and it doesn’t solve any of the real issues here in Florida Now Rick Scott has been relatively silent on the sinkhole issues in particular but, he has promised to reform the insurance industry to assist insurers in staying afloat here in Florida We wonder what he will do since Rick Scott built his platform on creating jobs and frankly, the sinkhole world creates a ton of jobs for the Florida economy, like it or not We shall see what transpires over the next year and keep you updated on any proposed changes

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