More sinkhole activity during repairs

Question: if my insurance company paid to grout my house, how can I still have ongoing sinkhole activity?

This is a common issue we face with our clients. The problem you’re facing could be the result of numerous individual issues acting independently, or it may be several different issues working together.

What grout does

The first issue is that grout alone does not guarantee that sinkhole activity will never rear its ugly head again. Sinkholes are a natural disaster which no one can truly prevent.

Grout may lessen your chances of having problems but there is never a guarantee that a natural phenomenon will not affect your home. Your chances of a stable home certainly increase if the grout is combined with underpinning, polyurethane or both. However, there is still no guarantee.

Where grout goes

Another issue with grout is once it is pumped into the ground, no one really knows where it goes. It sounds funny but it’s true. Grout will fill voids but no one knows where these conduits run underground.

Think of them as underground caverns. Once you pump concrete into the cavern, who’s to say it doesn’t all end up under your neighbor’s house? The lack of control is an issue with grout that needs to be considered.

Faulty repairs

One last issue that may arise, though we hope it never does, is that the foundation repair company may not have done the work properly and may have cut corners. We never want to say this happens, however, realistically, this situation does occur on occasion.

This is why we stress that a homeowner should do a background check on the company they are using to do the work and remember that this is your best chance at getting the house repaired. As a homeowner, I would never count on getting a second chance at repairing the home.

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