Florida Sinkhole Location Maps

I am aware that at least one home in our neighborhood has had a confirmed sinkhole as the cause of the damage.  Is there a relationship between the presence of sinkhole activity nearby and the potential cause of the damage to my home?

There is a Florida sinkhole map, which is published by the State of Florida and available for viewing online.  Florida Sinkhole Location Map

The general opinion of most geologists and geotechnical engineers is that the presence of sinkhole activity in a nearby area is relevant in determining whether a sinkhole investigation may be necessary at a particular home.  Note, as a general rule, this is relevant.  The more important issue for most professionals will be the specific investigation they conduct at the residence.  In most cases, it is important for the professionals to have a comprehensive understanding as to the nature of the area in which a property is located.  Given the ease with which information can be shared on the web, most confirmed sinkholes will end up in a sinkhole public database and can be easily reviewed.  But, these databases will be focused on the information collected in the past 5-7 years.  Since there were a lot of sinkhole If you choose slot machines online as your go-to gaming portal of choice, you won’t be disappointed. investigations in the late 90s, many of the other confirmed sinkholes are not being included in current sinkhole map investigations.

Check For Neighborhood Sinkhole Activity

If you are aware of a homeowner who has had sinkhole activity confirmed at their home, you should consider approaching them about it.  Of course, some homeowners may be uncomfortable in sharing this information due to the sensitive nature of the topic.   Many times, you will hear engineers comment that they had been in a neighborhood previously, and may have found other homes with sinkhole activity in a neighborhood by simply looking at their own files.

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7 Responses to “Florida Sinkhole Location Maps”

  1. maria says:


    I live in a very well known development that is only about 12 yrs old. My home was declared sinkhole in 2009. No insurance will insure me. Now there are 3 neighbors that are also filing a claim for sinkhole. We live around the pond and we paid an extra $5,000 to live around the pond. Come to find out that the pond is a sinkhole. Are we able to sue our Developer and our Builder for this.

  2. Morgan Barfield says:

    This is possibly the most common question I receive on a daily basis. Technically you can sue anyone for anything you want but do we recommend it and will you be successful the answer is absolutely no. I will give you numerous reasons knowing that there are even more reasons beyond these. First, there is no real requirement that a builder perform a subsidence investigation prior to building a home. Second, how do you prove that the sinkhole activity affecting your property now was present when the home was built 12 years ago? You can not. Sinkholes are a natural disaster and can hit suddenly and without notice. Third, Florida has a five year statute of limitations for a contract dispute so the time to sue the builder may have long come and gone. Fourth, most builders will only provide a limited home warranty that will protect against builder defects. These warranties are usually only for a couple years at best up to ten years at most. This means that any contractual relationship or privity you had with the builder has also long come and gone. Fifth, without a contractual relationship with the builder you must sue the builder on a theory of negligence of some sort or show there is a defect and how can you prove that when everything the builder did was up to code 12 years ago? Sixth, builders are very tough to sue. Most in Florida are either out of business or struggling to survive. In short, you will have to pry every dollar from their fingers and if it is enough money on the line, they will just declare insolvency, if they haven’t already. Seventh, by suing the builder you are taking a contrary position to the insurance claim. Insurance companies pay for natural causes. If you claim the builder was responsible, you may be admitting that there was a man made defect which your insurance company will not pay for. Not to mention that if you sue the builder, you are admitting the sinkhole condition existed 12 years ago, long before most insurance companies ever insured anyone in your neighborhood, meaning the insurance company will not be liable for these damages. If you have sinkhole coverage you have a direct contract with your insurance company that says they will pay you if you have a sinkhole. This is the most well lit, smooth paved road you can ever have. Why try to climb a rocky mountain that has a very little, to no, pot of gold at the top? I know this is a lot of information and I may sound a bit condescending at some times but I get this question so often that I want to make sure I am very definitive with the answer: 99.99% of the time suing your builder is a virtual impossibility and can actually be damaging and even kill your insurance claim. I hope in this particular situation you received insurance benefits the first time around so you could repair the home or somehow can find sinkhole coverage with another carrier. This is yet another example of how important it is to elect to keep your sinkhole coverage as we discussed recently.

  3. Crystal says:

    I am looking a purchasing a home and there are talks that it was a previous sinkhole home i have not found out yet if it is or has been. If i purchase this home will I be able to get sinkhole coverage wether it is repaired or not?

  4. tedcorless says:

    The harsh reality is very few insurance companies will continue to provide sinkhole coverage on a home with a prior claim, even if it has been repaired. Now this will obviously vary depending on the underwriting guidelines of each individual insurance company you shop but generally, the response is not positive. This leads into another issue which is if you have heard any rumors of a previous claim being filed, make sure you have all the info before you buy. You don’t want to be hit with this surprise down the road when there’s no one available to help you. Always ask to see any and every report concerning the prior sinkhole claim.

  5. Tim says:

    These are the only sinkhole maps that I am aware of, and unfortunately, they aren’t up to date…but you CAN see where they are clustered.

  6. Tim says:

    If you use the sinkhole maps, once you open the map of the county you want to view, down at the bottom, choose ZOOMIFY VERSION. Once that is open, below the map, you’ll see a + and -. Click there to zoom in for a more accurate view of location.

  7. Vic says:

    I’ve been trying for 6 months now to sell my home. I had a sinkhole claim paid out and fixed in 2004 with a cost outlay of over $60k. The insurance co. paid out and i used every dime to go back into the repairs, now i’m trying to sell it, nobody wants to make an offer once they find out.

    Does a bank have to loan money on a home designated as a sink hole home and does Citizens write coverage policies on them?

    At this point, i’m sitting on a $350k home and can’t sell it or anything, any input is greatly appreciated.